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Indoor-Industrial Solutions in Goa

We believe in energy-efficient lighting solutions for industry that reduce environment impact and save on cost, at the same time improve quality and productivity.

Indoor-Office Solutions in Goa

We offers a complete portfolio of LED lighting products and solutions for various application areas within an office. From open office areas to meeting rooms and other areas, our range of general lighting functional lighting, functional lighting, and task lighting solutions,meet your need.

Indoor-Hospitality Solutions in Goa

Creating the right lighting both inside and outside your restaurants and hotels is critical for attracting guests. Philips LED lighting products and solutions, provide your guests the comfort they seek and at the same time help you save significantly on energy consumption and costs.

Indoor-Retail Solutions in Goa

Being Successful in retail, requires you to provide a relaxing environment & comfort to shoppers. The more the shoppers stay at your store, better are the chances of them buying your merchandise. Lighting plays a critical role in creating the right enviroment in retail stores.